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Certificate in Waxing




4 Months


About the Course

TITLE VTCT (iTEC) Level 2 Certificate in Waxing

This course is designed for those looking to learn how to safely and
successfully carry out a variety of waxing treatments, and offer these
services to clients. This course leads students to a Local and an
International qualification to gain employment in the Beauty Industry as
Waxing Therapists. The Certificate is approved by the specialist awarding
bodies iTEC and VTCT.


ATTENDANCE Eight hours split into two days a week
STUDY UNIT TYPE Theory (Online), Practice (School Premises)
STUDY MATERIAL Recorded Lectures, PowerPoints, Notes, Worksheets
COURSE CONTENT 1 Mandatory Unit:

1. Waxing

ASSESSMENT External Practice Exam
External Theory Exam

Portfolio of Evidence of Treatments

PAYMENT TERMS Easy Payment Scheme

Deposit of €150 and 3 monthly installments of

- Carry out a consultation and understand the contra-indications to
waxing treatments.
- Prepare a safe and hygienic environment for a waxing treatment
with the correct equipment, tools and products.
- Developing knowledge about related health and safety, client care
and communication.
- Demonstrate a safe and effective application and removal of warm
wax and hot wax.
- Being able to carry waxing treatments in the following areas: Under
arms; Back; Chest; Abdomen Bikini Line; Brazilian; Hollywood; Leg; Lip;
Chin; Forearms; Eyebrows.
- Understand the composition and ingredients of the depilatory
products used - warm wax and hot wax.
- Explain other forms of depilation to clients and knowing the
advantages and disadvantages of each method.
- Learn the position, structure and function of the skin including its
layers and specialised cells.
- Learn the anatomy & physiology and the hair; the different hair
types; factors which affect hair growth; the hair growth cycle.
- Learn the endocrine system in relation to waxing treatments
including the main endocrine glands and the hormones they secrete.
- Learn the diseases, disorders and conditions that are related to the
skin, hair and endocrine system or any diseases that are
contraindicated to waxing treatments.

Your Instructor

Jessica Vella

Jessica Vella
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