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Why Us?

Why choose Nefertiti Beauty Academy?

We are a small business where students are valued pupils and not just
Our courses are part-time: day or evening classes, making it possible for you if
you work or study to still be able to pursue a course of your choice which
might eventually lead to a new career.
In just a few months you can become a qualified professional recognised
locally and internationally.
Our prices are extremely competitive: One course - One price. The price
includes all the necessary equipment and materials needed. There are no
hidden charges or extra fees associated with tuition.
We are constantly updating our courses and adding new ones to our already
extensive list of qualifications available.
From time to time, we offer short courses which are easy add-ons to any
Beauty and Well-being Professional.
All of our iTEC Courses are eligible for the Jobsplus Training Pays Scheme,
whereby applicants will be reimbursed 75% of the total payment of the course
upon successfully achieving the diploma. We will guide you to apply for the
scheme or any other relevant schemes during the initial stages.

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