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Diploma in Reflexology for Qualifed Massage Therapists




9 Months


About the Course

TITLE VTCT (iTEC) Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology Treatments

The Reflexology Course is a very interesting course. The theory behind this
beautiful gentle therapy is that areas in the feet correspond to organs and
systems of the body. Pressure applied to the foot is believed to bring
relaxation and healing to the corresponding area of the body.
Our course leads students to a Local and an International qualification to
gain employment in the Complementary Therapy Industry as
The Diploma Certificate is approved by the specialist awarding bodies

PRE-REQUISITES VTCT (iTEC) Level 3 Diploma in Holistic Massage

ATTENDANCE 2 hours , one day a week
STUDY UNIT TYPE Theory (Online), Practice (School Premises)
STUDY MATERIAL Recorded Lectures, PowerPoints, Notes, Worksheets

COURSE CONTENT 1 Mandatory Unit:
- Reflexology

ASSESSMENT External Practice Exam
External Theory Exam
Portfolio of Evidence of Treatments

PAYMENT TERMS Easy Payment Scheme

Deposit of €500 and 4 monthly installments of €215

- Consultation techniques including understanding the needs of
clients, when and not to treat them.
- How to carry out a visual analysis of the feet, Maintaining a
Professional Posture.
- Perform Relaxation Techniques and Supporting the feet correctly;
- Perform Reflexology techniques such as thumb walking, finger
walking, pivot, hook and rocking; Adapting the techniques to suit the
client’s specific needs; Locating zones, Transfer lines and Cross
reflexes on the hands and feet.
- Health, safety and hygiene, contextualised to the environment in
which the Learner is working.
- The related knowledge and understanding required to perform the
Reflexology skills listed above effectively in particular the Anatomy
and Physiology of the Skin, Nails, Feet and Common Diseases and
Disorders that may affect when a client.
- Opportunities for Learners to focus on the development of their wider
skills in a Reflexology setting; developing attitudes essential for

success performance in employment as a Reflexologist;
Communicating with clients and other colleagues.

Your Instructor

Jessica Vella

Jessica Vella
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