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So you are considering a course in beauty/massage therapy ?

We are delighted that you are considering our school to grow your education.


We commit ourselves to the successful education of high standard of excellence for each student that walks through our door. 

Our aim has always been to offer high quality training, at reasonable costs, in a friendly atmosphere.


Most of the beauty, holistic/sports massage and complimentary therapy courses that we offer lead to internationally recognised qualifications where students can rest assure their minds that they will have a strong qualification that is fully-recognised. 

If you have no background in the beauty / massage industry, please be faithful, we all started from where you are :)  

Jessica Vella 








WhatsApp Image 2023-03-31 at 18.09_edited.png
Shadow on Concrete Wall


Neck Massage


 iTEC Level 3 / MQF Level 4 
Diploma in Holistic Massage 



 iTEC Level 2 / MQF Level 3 
Certificate in Waxing 

Make-up artist working


 iTEC Level 2 / MQF Level 3 
Certificate in Make-up 

manicure pedicure

Manicure & Pedicure

 iTEC Level 2 / MQF Level 3 
  Certificate in Manicure &   Pedicure 

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